Can An Insurance Agent Assist Me In Choosing A Medigap Plan?

Insurance agents exist primarily to sell insurance. Agents are not always concerned about what is best for the customer as they are about getting a sale that will enable them to live. To be fair, agents of any sort must care about helping the customer in order to keep their jobs.

Although the insurance agent is interested in getting the highest premium, while the customer is presumably interested in getting the best possible rate, a person in this profession can help someone pick a Medigap plan that will meet his or her needs.

Why Use an Insurance Agent Over Someone Else?

A Medicare recipient can pick out an insurance plan by himself, but most people, unless they work in the insurance industry are not up on the latest heath care trends or rules. An agent can help a person select the right policy for his needs. Agents also knows which Medigap plans have been phased out, what coverage has been added to the plans, and what coverage has been moved to standard Medicare.

Because standard Medicare coverage and what companies are allowed to offer under a Medigap plan change frequently, the average person may not know about recent changes. An insurance agency that specializes in offering Medicare supplemental insurance will know about the change.

Can I Pick My Own Medigap Plan Without Help?

A person can pick his own Medigap plan without having to have the middleman, but because most companies hire insurance agents as part of the process for selling insurance there is no need not to take his help. It does not cost the customer additional money to accept an insurance agent’s help when he shops around for a Medigap plan that suits his needs. Most people do not keep up on what the policies offer.

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