Are Your Medicare Benefits at Risk?

A person who happens to be applying for Medicare benefits should feel confident that their Medicare benefits can stay in tact. Some consumers out there may lose their Medicare Advantage supplemental plan due to changes in the new health care reform law, but you will not end up losing all of your Medicare benefits.

Medicare Benefits

The Secretary of Health and Human Services has repeatedly said that the main framework of a person’s Medicare benefits will not be in danger due to changes brought on by the health care reform legislation. The health care reform law is likely to add millions of new people to the Medicare rolls so depending upon the effectiveness of the payment structure of the legislation, your Medicare benefits should not be in danger. The premiums associated with your Medicare supplemental plan are likely to increase due to the changes in Medicare Advantage, but it is unlikely that you will lose your Medicare benefits. A doctor who you have seen in the past is not likely to change their policy and not see you, simply due to the fact that you are a Medicare patient. The doctor wants to be paid and they are even willing to work with someone who may think their Medicare benefits are at risk.

Private Plans

You have to remember that even when you have a private plan, your Medicare benefits are not at risk. The private plan that you can get from an employer for example is something that can be used as a supplement to Medicare. You should not be afraid of trying to obtain a private plan if you happen to be on Medicare. Medicare will pay first despite the fact that you have a private plan. The fact that Medicare will pay first is definitely a sign that your Medicare benefit is not at risk.

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