Are You Ready For Medicare?

Two Types of Medicare Coverage

Are you ready for Medicare? There are two types of Medicare coverage. The first one is Medicare Part A. Medicare Part A is for in-hospital care and treatment. In the event of hospitalization, Medicare Part A will cover a large percentage of charges and the balance is the responsibility of the cardholder or subscriber. The second one is Part B, and it is for all out-patient clinic and facility services. Medicare Part B charges a small annual deduction, and you are responsible for paying the balance left after Medicare has paid their portion of medical bill. Medicare is automatically given to people when they meet the age requirements, unless a letter is sent to Medicare declining the coverage.

Are you ready Medicare – How does Medicare work?

In the early days, the original Medicare was a standalone insurance. Now people can take the option of joining an HMO or a PPO Medicare Health Plan and take advantage of some of the additional services offered. One advantage to having an HMO or a PPO Medical Health Plan is the reduction in the cost of prescription drugs. Are you ready for Medicare? If you or your spouse has retired you will, more than likely, have a supplemental insurance which provides you with even more coverage. A supplemental insurance helps a deal in picking up the balance of payments after Medicare Part A or Part B has paid their portion.

What does Medicare Cover?

Medicare covers many services, but you will have to make sure that you get information from your provider that outlines what is considered medically necessary. Your provider, by law, will let you know which services are not covered by Medicare. This is an excellent government Health Plan, now are you ready for Medicare.

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