Are There Special Plans For Seniors On Medicare?

Medicare Advantage is a special plan for seniors on Medicare. This new program of private health plans within the Medicare system,. Medicare Advantage is a health system designed especially for seniors on Medicare. This special plan for seniors on Medicare is much better than the prior private health plan. Medicare Advantage is a huge success. It gives senior innovative private health plan options, less expensive care, and expanded benefits that include preventative health programs and coverage for prescription drugs.

Special Plan for Seniors on Medicare

This special plan for seniors on Medicare, includes the benefits covered in traditional Medicare Part A and Part B, but also add new medical benefits, including a variety of hospital copayments, and some provide for unlimited hospital stays. Under the Medicare Advantage plan, depending on the plan selected, seniors get coverage for generic and brand name drugs and pay no deductible for doctor visits; in addition, there is a ceiling on copayments.

Benefits of Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage provides:
• Expanded access to private health plans, Medicare Advan¬tage plans are now available all over the United States, including outlying regions where private health plans have been traditionally diffi¬cult to obtain.
• Seniors have many choices, including health maintenance systems, preferred provider plans, and private fee-for-service health providers.
Prescription drug coverage and preventive health-care services are included.
• Routine doctor’s visits are covered, as are hospital stays, routine eye and hearing examinations, glasses and hearing aids.

Under this special plan for seniors on Medicare, senior citizens enjoy an unprecedented level of personal freedom in choosing health care options that they think are best for them. Medicare Advantage includes all the benefits of traditional Medicare and more. It offers preventive-care services and care management programs for enrollees with chronic conditions.

Seniors are at liberty to sign up for the traditional Medicare program and add supplemental insurance coverage if they wish, but most are signing up for their choice of private health plan, and in doing so, are locking in better value for their health care dollars than is available to those who are enrolled in traditional Medicare. This special plan for seniors on Medicare is a resounding success.

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