Are There Services For Which Medicare Will Not Pay?

While Medicare can truly be a savior for many persons, there are still some services that Medicare will not pay for. Depending upon your individual situation you may or may not get services paid for that others will. That is because the system is set up with certain criteria used to determine what amount of coverage an individual receives. The criteria usually are based upon income and the amount a person has paid into the system. The more means you have to personally pay for service, the less likely you will have full coverage.

Things Medicare Absolutely Won’t Pay For

One thing that has upset patients is a policy Medicare has had for a long time, to not pay for hospital errors. That means that if you have a procedure and the doctor commits an error that requires more treatment than originally expected, you may be stuck paying for the bill. So, yes, there are services for which Medicare will not pay for. The government insurance will also stop paying for other “avoidable” problems that could potentially arise. For elderly patients it could be devastating not having coverage for accidents.

Is There Any Way To Appeal?

While the process is set up to allow patients an appeal, the likelihood of success varies greatly. If you can prove that the services for which Medicare will not pay are necessary and the responsibility of the plan then you may find success. If your particular situation falls into the “grey” area then you will have to be dually diligent to make sure that you get the health care you need. Don’t allow a mistake by a physician or administrator keep you from proper health care.

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