Are There Medicare Part C Plans Other Than Basic HMOs?

Many insurance plans that fall under Medicare Part C are run by Health Maintenance Organizations. Even though HMOs are an efficient way to do business, they are often criticized for the way they do business and placing the bottom line over patient care.

A person who has Medicare Part C, also known as a Medicare Advantage Plan may wonder if he has other options for providing the same level of coverage.

Some Medicare Advantage Plans Are Not HMOs

The vast majority of plans that fall under the banner of part C require the participant to belong into an HMO, but there is another plan that allows a user to save for potential Medical care that he might need. Some Medicare Part C recipients can choose to enroll in a Medicare savings plan.

Medical savings plans are not for everybody and they should not be started by a person who is not in relatively good health to begin with, but the funds can be banked against future medical expenses and when a person needs to use them, the funds are deducted like a savings account. Most of the plans offer rewards for people who keep their balance above a certain amount.

Are There Any Other Medicare Part C Plans?

A recipient who wants to look for a privately run plan that is not a Medical Savings Account or part of a health maintenance organization may find the effort frustrating, as the bill that allowed for people to switch to privately-run Medicare plans was sponsored after HMOs came into existence and were found to be effective. Such plans do exist, but they are very rare. If a patient believes a Medicare HMO will not meet his needs, he should stick to using Medicare Parts A and B as a safe alternative.

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