Are There Different Types Of Medicare Supplement Plans?

If you depend on a Medicare Insurance plan to help cover costs associated with your medical care needs, you may find that not all of the medical procedures, tests or prescriptions that you need are covered under your specific Medicare plan. However, there are certain Medicare Supplement plans that you can purchase to help fill in the gaps in your current Medicare coverage. These are called Medigap Plans and are available through private insurance companies.

How To Purchase Medigap Insurance Plans

When you are thinking of purchasing a Medicare supplement plan to add on to your current Medicare coverage you should investigate the various plans that are available. Currently these plans include Medigap Plan A through Plan N. You will then need to contact insurance agents within your local area that deal with Medigap Supplemental Insurance policies. Make sure that you a variety of agencies so that you can get the best available prices on your desired Medigap Plans. You can visit to get an idea on what each of the Medigap Plans cover and which plans are the most beneficial for your needs. Do not just consider your needs now, but opt for a coverage that will also be beneficial for your medical needs in the years to come as well. This will help you get the most benefits out of a Medigap Coverage Plan. The actual purchasing of the Medigap plan is done directly through the insurance agency that you choose.

What Is Not Covered Through A Medigap Insurance Plan

While Medigap Insurance has Medicare supplement plans that help pay for medical services such as blood transfusions, hospice care and hospitalization costs, there are certain medical services and expenses that are not covered. Medigap Insurance Plans do not cover services for long term care in a nursing facility, vision care, dental care, private duty nursing, eyeglasses or hearing aids that may be needed.

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