Are There Dentists That Accept Medicare?

Medicare does not cover routine dental visits. On rare occasion, and only with pre-approval, will Part B cover any type of procedure. The dental procedure must be deemed necessary and considered an emergency. Most dentists do not accept Medicare under any circumstances. If you are approved for a dental procedure under Medicare you will have to file a claim for payment. Medicare part A will pay for dental treatments that are received when a person is in the hospital. However, these treatments must be considered a necessary part to the rehabilitation of the person in question.

Does Medicare Cover Eyeglasses or Hearing Aids?

Medicare does not cover either of these items. Eyeglasses and hearing aids are often considered a luxury device. While most people do not agree, and arguably need these devices, the program at this time will not cover their purchase. Medicare does not cover routine eye examines or screening for hearing loss. Senior citizens should be made aware that many community providers offer these services to seniors at little or no cost. Grocery stores, drug stores and church events are all known to provide these services to seniors. Anyone interested should check with their local library or community center for more information.

I Have Macular Degeneration – Is Treatment Covered Under Medicare?

Medicare will cover any treatment, including eye exams, that is necessary for treating this disease. Medicare will also pay for treatment of cataracts, including surgery and follow up and eye glasses, if needed. These are the only eye services covered under the plan. Most Medicare Advantage Plans have additional coverage for eyes, ears and teeth. You should check your benefits if you belong to a managed plan to see what is and what is not covered. The original Medicare plan does not provide any coverage in these areas.

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