Are Prescriptions Included In Medicare A Coverage?

Medicare A coverage is basic hospital coverage. The bad news is Medicare doesn’t cover prescription drugs.

Most annuitants of Medicare do not pay any premium costs for Part A coverage. It’s your financial gift from the government to individuals or husband and wife for having all that money taken out of your paycheck you complained about during the times you were gainfully employed.

So If I Just Take Medicare A Coverage I Won’t Be Getting Much, Right?

Well, for most people, Part A premiums are covered for those who paid into the Medicare system while working. And those who don’t qualify for Medicare A coverage, can buy into the system if they meet certain criteria qualifications, so it’s pretty much blanket coverage being offered gratis.

Is Getting Prescription Drugs From Medicare Part A Possible?

No chance on that question. Medicare doesn’t cover any prescription drugs. However, they maintain information on drug manufacturers’ discount programs on the Web site. These programs may allow you to obtain prescription drugs free, or at the very least, reduced prices.

If Medicare A Coverage Doesn’t Apply To Prescription Drugs, What Plan Does?

Medicare Part D is the place to research for prescription drug coverage. It’s only provided by private, insurance companies. You’ll be able to get coverage once enrolled in a Part D plan and pay the monthly premium, but it’s not going to be free.
Coverage amounts are based on the Medicare plan you have. Part A will help cover only the basic medical necessities services listed herein. Blood Transfusions, hospitals stays, nursing homes facilities, home health services and hospice care. But be cognizant of the fact that there are plenty of restrictions involved in Medicare A coverage; ergo, if you need a prescription drug, chances are you’ll pay for it.

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