Are My Current Prescriptions Covered Under Medicare?

The best place to check and see if the medication that a patient requires is paid for by medicare is to check with the provider or look at the list that Medicare provides. This list is also called a Formulary. Most of the drugs on this list are generic and they are available at little or no cost to the insured. This list is usually updated once a year.

Prescription Coverage

Medicare prescription coverage is a separate part of Medicare anyone with medicare is eligible to apply for this coverage. There is usually a monthly premium and a co-payment for prescriptions. In some cases a patient may need a specific type of drug that there is no generic version for and they have to have it. In this situation the doctor would have to make an appeal to the insurance company to petition to get this medication paid for by Medicare. In most cases it is approved by Medicaid after they have thoroughly searched for a generic brand and were not able to find one.


In most cases the Medicare prescription plan will cover most medications in generic form, and those insurers that have high drug cost are given the least expensive brand to save the clients money. Anyone interested in applying for a drug prescription plan through Medicare should research all types of plans to get the one that covers their specific drugs if they have unique prescriptions. Each Medicare case is different and it will be treated as such when the time comes for a unique type of medical approval. Everyone that has Medicare should try to acquire some type of prescription plan if their medications are very expensive.

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