Am I Medicare Part A or Part B?

At that certain age Medicare Part A can be an early Christmas gift. You’re automatically enrolled in the A part with the option to add B, C and D. After you genuflect to the Feds and review Part A, which for most seniors is gratis, you should consider moving your Monopoly toy to Plan B which answers am I Medicare Part A or Part B. You can have both and more if you choose.

What’s Covered Under Medicare Part A?

Basically it’s hospital insurance. Things like inpatient care in a skilled nursing building and hospitals.
Under Part A you can also use home health care, emergency room and hospice care, as well.

As Part Of My Plan To Answer Am I Medicare A Or Part B Question, Is There A Cost For Part B?

In answering Am I Medicare Part A or Part B you need to remember that the Medicare government program pays for Part A, but if you opt to seek better health coverage and move down the line to Parts B, C and D or any combination thereof, you must look to private insurance companies that are approved by Medicare. These private companies are not free but quite helpful if you want to keep expenses inline. Part B medical insurance pays for services and supplies covered by Medicare Part A. You’ll absorb the cost but having Parts A and B is a valuable asset should you become ill.

Can I Combine Part B, C And D Together With My Medicare Part A?

Of course. Part C is the combination of Part A and B. Part D is prescription drug coverage, but it’s not free.

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