Am I Eligible for Medicare Supplement Plan B?

Medicare supplement plan B is the one plan that allows for coverage of outpatient care. Unlike the plan A Medicare supplement B requires a regular premium. What both plans have in common however is that if Medicare recipients are receiving social security benefits or have end stage renal diseases they qualify for Medicare plans, especially B. Medicare supplement plan B eligibility applies to social security recipients, those with qualifying conditions under the age of sixty five, or sixty five plainly.

Social Security Recipients

Social security recipients generally average at around the age of sixty five however in circumstances people under the age of sixty five are capable of applying for Medicare. The catch to this is that the plan requires recipients to have been with social security benefits for a term of two years prior (members may start social security at sixty two). Otherwise unless there are extenuating circumstances Medicare recipients can only apply at sixty five for Medicare Supplement plan B.

Very Sick You May Be Eligible Under 65

Medicare supplement plan B policy allows people to apply who are in end stage renal disease states (bed ridden or terminal liver issues.) The policy allows some room to adjust to the fact that patients need outpatient doctor/nursing care in some scenarios. Applicants need a legitimate medical diagnosis to be accepted into the program and to meet specific requirements. Patients who have Lou Gehrig’s disease and receive railroad/disability are also capable of applying for Medicare under the age of sixty five.

65 is the minimum

Medicare supplement plan B policy is handed to patients around the age of sixty five; members are encouraged to apply ahead of time at the age of sixty four to receive results in a timely manner. Medicare supplement B like that of all Medicare plans is afforded the right to eligibility at sixty five. Patients are also required to pay a premium for the B plan and a 20% expectation of pay.

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