Am I Covered Out Of The Country On My Medicare Supplemental Plan?

The federal government does not require “Foreign Travel Emergency” service coverage for basic Medicare Supplemental Policies. Minnesota is the only state that mandates limited emergency service coverage for foreign travel be included in basic Medicare Supplemental Policies.

Minnesota? What About Medicare Supplemental Policies In Other States?

Insurance companies that offer Medicare Supplemental Policies other than the federally mandated basic policies must offer full coverage for foreign travel. Minnesota is no exception and 100% foreign travel insurance is available for purchase.

How Do I Identify A Basic Plan? Does My Medicare Supplemental Policy Cover Me Or Not?

In the majority of states Medicare Supplemental Policies are designated by letters “A” through “N.” “A” is the basic plan. Plan “A” does not cover foreign travel. Federal law mandates that insurance companies offering any other plan must also offer one “C” or one “F” plan. Those plans include 100% foreign travel insurance. “D,” “G,” “M” and “N” plans provide full coverage but are not required to be offered. Plans designated “B,” “K” and “L” do not cover foreign travel. Massachusetts’ basic plan is the “Core Plan” and does not cover foreign travel. Massachusetts’ second tier “Supplement 1 Plan” does offer full coverage. The final exception to federal guidelines is Wisconsin which offers a “Basic Plan” that may be supplemented with a foreign travel “Optional Rider.”

I’ve Checked My Policy. I Don’t Have Coverage. What Now?

Federal guidelines regulate Medicare Supplemental Policies including when and how one may change or adapt their personal policy. You may download “Choosing a Medigap Policy:
A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare” from . All the information found here is available in the download as well as information on how to modify your policy.

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