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Senior Corps Award Winners—Congratulations!

Picture of Louise Jackson Louise Jackson
Foster Grandparent
Washington, D.C.

Louise Jackson works with adjudicated youth in child abuse and neglect cases, helping them find food, clothing, shelter, and teaching life skills to parents and kids. At the age of 70, Louise was matched with crack-addicted twins, Philip and Phyllis, whose father was incarcerated and whose mother was an addict. Many suggested that she wasn’t energetic enough to care for the two, but at the age of 74, she gained permanent custody. In addition to being a Foster Grandparent, Louise volunteers as a chaperone/youth development specialist with “Pathways to Freedom,” founded by Rosa Parks to teach African-American children productive citizenry through their history by following the paths of the Underground Railroad and the Freedom Fighters. Three nights a week, she volunteers with SOME (So Others Might Eat), picking up donations of fresh food and blankets for the homeless and needy in the District.

Picture of Darlene Merrifield Darlene Merrifield
St. Mary’s Senior Companion Program
Grand Junction, Colorado

Darlene Merrifield, former nun and school teacher, works closely with the local sheriff’s department as a Senior Companion. Darlene carries a pager and is summoned to the scenes of crimes, accidents, and other traumatic events to provide immediate assistance and comfort, help with the grief process, guide victims to appropriate community services, and assist during court hearings. Although Darlene helps victims of all ages, she focuses on elderly victims of accidents or other crises.

Picture of Gus Eash Delores Marie “Gus” Eash
American Red Cross
Fort Wayne, Indiana

“Gus” Eash, RSVP volunteer and retired registered nurse, serves with the American Red Cross on its disaster relief team. On September 11, 2001, she went to an assignment in New York City at a Red Cross service center two blocks from Ground Zero, where she helped victims obtain medical supplies. She also served on Pier 94, providing social services to families of victims. Back home, she started an “Angel Cakes” program that delivers birthday cakes to at-risk children.

Picture of Norman Lehner Norman Lehner
CERV of Daytona
Daytona Beach, Florida

Norman Lehner, RSVP volunteer and retired Federal employee, joined the Community Emergency Response Volunteer (CERV) program in Daytona Beach in its infancy. He serves as the volunteer recruitment coordinator for the program, responsible for bringing in new volunteers and developing partnerships with other agencies. Additionally, he conducts public education workshops that coordinate the volunteer staff for the Volusia County flu shot campaign.

Picture of John McConnell John McConnell
Western Colorado Math/Science Center
Grand Junction, Colorado

John McConnell, RSVP volunteer, is a retired physicist from the Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico. John and his wife Audrey started a Sci-Tech Exploratorium at an elementary school that, with the support of the local school district, eventually became the Western Colorado Math/Science Center. The center has 120 hands-on interactive learning stations. In 1998, John received the “Education Hero Award” from the U.S. Department of Education.

Picture of Joseph Durant Joseph Durant
Prejudice Reduction Program
Bronx, New York

Joseph Durant, RSVP volunteer, serves in the Prejudice Reduction Program, which aims to improve human relations by challenging kids to overcome differences of race, ethnicity, age, disability, gender, or physical appearance. After the September 11 attacks, Joe took a leave of absence to volunteer at ground zero. He fed rescue workers five days a week, often listening to and consoling the rescue workers who were separated from their families.

Picture of Dr. Allcorn Dr. Donald Allcorn
Community Free Clinic
Sedalia, Missouri

Dr. Donald Allcorn, RSVP volunteer and retired physician, serves as medical director at the Community Free Clinic in Sedalia, which serves uninsured low-income residents. As medical director, Dr. Allcorn recruits other volunteer staff for the facility and arranges referrals to other doctors when specialized care is required. Dr. Alcorn donated his former clinic building to the Free Clinic so it would have a fully functional facility. Additionally, he serves at a satellite medical facility in a nearby community.

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