Will There Be Money Left In Social Security When I Retire?

This can be described as a form of social insurance that is meant to cover the community against some conditions that might include old age, disability of some members of the society, unemployment and survivors who can be described as the heirs of a deceased or a retired member of the society. Social security is not a type of investment as it is usually perceived to be! The money that is deducted from your monthly pay tagged to the social security fund is usually paid out to those that are already in the conditions that I had mentioned earlier. Those that are still energetic to work put in the money while the retired get the money out thus the remaining balance is zero.

Money Left In The Social Security Fund

All is not lost since the contributors to the fund are deemed to be more than the beneficiaries of the social security fund. This is probably because all workers regardless of whether they are employed by a company or government or even if they are self-employed, they are obliged to contribute to the social security fund. Because of this, there has been always some money left in the social security fund which is usually called the surplus. However this surplus has been continually depleted due to the beneficiaries who are victims of unemployment.

Making Sure There Is Money Left In The Social Security Fund

Although the money left in the social security fund is fast running out, you should not worry about the situation because the government is putting measures in place to ensure you enjoy the benefits in your retirement. The measures that have been put in place include increasing the retirement age, and this way the ration of the beneficiaries to the contributors shall be kept at a relatively low and thus there will be a surplus at the end of the day.

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