Will There Be A Raise In Social Security In 2011?

Social security recipients have not seen an increase in their pay checks for two years. To make matters worse, the same two years have seen an increase in the rates of Medicare. The social security and Medicare programs represent an enormous drain on the federal budget. Politicians play a delicate game. They know they must fix social security and Medicare, but they also know that every time they threaten to reform the programs, they run the risk of losing their job. No politician who wants to remain a politician will make promises to actually cut either program.

Will the Pay Rates Rise?

There probably will not be a cost of living increase for social security recipients in 2011. The economy has remained stagnant and most of the inflation that has occurred because of the fluctuating gas prices. Food prices have not helped either. Congress did not add these factors into the decision to not increase the cost of living adjustment. The failure to increase the amount of money given out by social security checks has hurt many of the elderly who have no other source of income. The administration that makes the decision may

Can Anything Be Done About This?

The beginning of this century has seen austerity measures rise throughout the globe. The Austerity measures are part of what is needed to help the governments stay running. Riots in Greece and problems in Spain can show what can happen in the United States unless the government can learn to control its aggressive spending practices. Unfortunately, the irresponsible practices have left many people caught in the middle. Those who an adapt and find other ways to supplement their income will. Senior citizens, unfortunately, cannot always do this. Many of them cannot re-enter the work force and those that can will not usually find high-paying jobs.

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