Will The Social Security Issue Affect People Who Are Currently Retired?

Social security for the disable will work just the same way as the way it operates with the retired people. The only difference between the two social security works is that for the disabled, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed before one is declared to be disabled thus qualifying for the social security for the disabled. There are a number of factors that are considered before one is named disable by the social security and some of these factors include the following.

Conditions Necessary for One To Qualify To Be Called And Benefit As A Disabled Person By The Social Security

Social security always takes into considerations the age at which one become disabled. Should an adult child be disabled before attaining the age of 22 years, then he or she can benefit from their parents earning records. But should anyone become disabled after 22 years, they will need to undergo the recent work test that will estimate the number of years they have worked so as to know how much disability benefit to pay them.

The nature of the disability is also a determining factor. The disability should render the person unable to work for five months before they qualify for social security benefit for the disabled. The disabled worker should also not be able to earn money from any other type of job for as much as $1000 per month. The benefits will be paid after the period of five months lapses with the worker’s inability to do daily work and continue until he fully recovers and is able to return to work. Should the disabled person be unable to return to work and reach the retirement age, the benefits will be changed to retirement benefits but the amount will remain the same.

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