Why must my Arrears SSI benefits be paid in installments?

A person may wonder why the SSI Arrears benefits will get paid in installments after he receivers social security disability benefits. While there is probably a logical, well-thought explanation for this process, there is a far simpler answer. Paying out SSI benefits in arrears saves the government money, even though the person receiving the benefits could probably use the larger payment. The Arrears SSI benefits are usually determined during the hearing when a judge decides a person is eligible for SSI benefits.

What Else Can Be Done With Arrears SSI Benefits?

If a person hired a lawyer to help him claim Social Security disability, he will not see Arrears SSI benefits payments. This sum will go to his lawyer instead. If a person received state aid under the Temporary Aid to Needy Families program, the state will take the money paid out to him under TANF back. The amount of money left over after a lawyer and TANF will get paid out over time and get added onto his SSI check. The small amount left over often benefits a person more when paid out as a few extra dollars a month instead of in one lump sum.

Can I Use a Structured Settlement Company?

Structured settlement companies are designed to help people receiving a much larger payment than a person normally receives from Arrears SSI Benefits. The programs are not typically set up to work well with social security benefits anyway. There is simply no point to using a company that works with structured benefits when it comes to getting social security benefit payments in one lump sum. A person can try using a structured settlement company if he wants to. The situation may change at some point.

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