Why Is There A 5 Month Wait For Social Security Disability Benefits?

It is not only five months waiting period, but there may be even more than that. The good thing is that for the months that were left to pass, one receives a back pay for the same and in a lump sum too. However, the 5 month waiting period is mandatory, waiting in disability until you can receive the social security disability insurance. The 5 month waiting period is usually after the onset of disability. However, once approved, you get the social security disability benefits. It is not known clearly why social security has to give this five month long waiting period, but many people have hazarded guesses, saying that they want to save money. However, what comes close could be that they want to make sure that only people who have long term disabilities apply for their Social Security Disabilities Insurance (SSDI)

Exact Reason For 5 Month Wait Not Known

social security disability benefits attorneys sometimes have a hard time explaining to their clients why their benefits cannot be released immediately after they win cases for them. While this could be anybody’s guess, the truth is that no one knows for sure. Maybe it could be the social security disability benefits processing and the details verification process takes that long, but five months is long, pushing onto to almost half a year.

There Is A Back Pay For Months Elapsing After 5 Months Wait

In some instances, the waiting period after the initial application has been approved takes even longer than that. In such instances, the months after the 5 month wait that the disabled person went without the benefits are back paid, and in lump sum too. That means that if one applied for social security disability benefits and the initial application was approved, and then Social Security took 10 months to release the benefits, then they will get a lump sum payment for the 5 extra months that the insurance was overdue. In any case, the wait is better than overall denial of the social security benefits.

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