Why Do I Need My Social Security Card?

People need to show their social security card when they apply for social security benefits at a social security building. People also need to show their social security card if asked by employers before hiring. A copy of the social security card might be required to submit an application for employment.

A Social Security Card Identifies You By Name As Well As By Number

A person’s social security has his or her name and social security number. Anyone can give a social security number thinking that they won’t get caught. However, if requested to show a social security card, the prospect of committing fraudulent use of a social security number might lessen. A person applying for work might need to show his social security card to be duplicated on his or her personnel file. Giving a social security number on an application is not really proof that you own that social security number. Similar evidence is like giving a birth date on an application. You might need to show a birth certificate if asked.

Is The Social Security Number You Use Always Verified?

In most cases, an employer can use an applicant’s social security number to check their credit scores or to verify their names, date of birth and criminal record. Your social security number is not always verified but usually is if you are using it to fill out an application for employment or credit. If you are applying for government assistance, you can use your social security card as a form of identification. Your social security card is an accepted form of identification if two or more forms of identification are required by agencies or even stores to write out a check.

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