Who Can Get Social Security?

Who can get Social Security? People who are retiring can take Social Security payments after the age of 65 or earlier if they are entitled. Anyone disabled before the age of 22 can receive Social Security benefits. People who become disabled after the age of 22 may also be eligible for Social Security.

Retirees Who Can Get Social Security

Although the retirement age is 65, people can opt to receive their Social Security benefits as early as the age of 62 or as late as age 70. Those who decide to begin taking their payments early will be subject to a reduction in the amount they receive. On the other hand, when someone puts off retirement for a later date than their normal retirement age, they will earn an increase in benefits when they do retire. This applies to those who retire before age 70.

Disabled Children Are Those Who Can Get Social Security

Those who were disabled before the age of 22 and will remain in their condition and unable to work will be entitled to the Social Security benefits they have been receiving for the rest of their lives. These benefits are determined by the income of a parent who has been working and paying into the system. To be one of these people who can get Social Security, the child needs to be either biological or adopted offspring.

People Disabled As Adults Qualify For Benefits

An adult who has been paying into the Social Security system may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. The other program, Supplemental Security Income, is for people who are not in a position to take care of all of their financial needs. People included in this group who can get Social Security are adults disabled after age 22 and impoverished senior citizens without disabilities.

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