When Can I Draw On Social Security?

A member of Generation X may not ask when he can draw on social security, he may use the phrase “If I can draw on social security.” The argument on how to save social security will continue. The guidelines on when a person can draw social security are clear. For those who born before 1970 or later the date is slightly higher than the current guidelines. The age a person can draw social security is determined in part by life expectancies and on the needs of the program. Further confusing the issue is that there are different types of social security a person can collect.

Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security disability benefits are given to people who a judge has determined cannot work. The process can take months or years to complete. Physical disabilities are easier to determine than mental disabilities. A person seeking a mental disability can wait for years before getting his benefits approved. Making the process difficult discourages people from pursuing disability benefits unnecessarily. There is no age guideline for a person to collect social security disability benefits, although he cannot collect SSD payments if he already collects SSI.

Social Security Retirement Benefits

When a person can collect social security retirement benefits is spelled out on the agency’s official website. People retiring this year can begin collecting their full benefits at 65. They can collect partial benefits at 62. The ages are going to change in upcoming years. If a person is not sure when he can collect retirement benefits, he should look up the dates on the website. Unless there is a drastic change to United States law or policy, a beneficiary will continue to collect benefits until the end of his life. His widower or next of kin will also get death benefits when he dies.

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