What Types Of Social Security Cards Does SSA Issue?

Get a Card Replacement

The social security card is a key identification component for US citizens. If you lose this card, the Social Security Office is the place to get a new one. They do not handle replacement of lost social security cards only; they also replace cards that are worn out. Naturally, the longer you keep your card, the more worn out it becomes.

Effecting Name Changes

The Social Security cards Office is charged with effecting name changes on identification cards. Examples of when name changes can happen are after marriage, where you adopt your spouse’s name; after divorce, where you want to drop a name or when you want to include your family name in cases where you previously did not use it. When there is a name error on your social security card, it will be reflected on your passport if you use the card to apply for one, in your tax returns, earnings reports and a lot of other important personal information. The Social Security Office is responsible for rectifying such errors.

Application for Disability Benefits and Disability Appeals/Claims

The Social Security Office will assess your disability eligibility and help you with any questions you may have concerning disability benefits and claims. The Social Security Administration uses different factors to assess one’s disability eligibility: age, disease and debilitating physical condition are just some of them.

Assistance for People with Special Needs

The Federal government runs a number of special programs for different age groups. Check your eligibility for any of these programs at the Social Security cards Office. They include the drug subsidy program for low income earners and senior citizens; and Medicaid health insurance program for low income, pregnant women.

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