What Should I Expect During A Social Security Disability Hearing?

Social Security Disability hearings are considered less formal when you compare it to other legal hearings. Nevertheless, Social Security Disability hearing should not be taken lightly. In fact, it may be less formal, but you should take it seriously especially if you consider what this stake.

Social Security Disability Hearing Personnel

Social security disability hearings differ in a way that the hearing is preceded and conducted by an Administrative Law Judge, also known as ALJ. During the hearing, there are certain personnel that is needed to be there such as you, experts whom the judge wants to be present and your social security disability attorney. Finally, members and friends are also requested by the judge in some cases to act as additional witnesses. For experts, this usually means vocational experts on your work field; as the judge may request their opinions. Medical experts are also requested to be there for their medical opinion.

Social Security Disability Hearing

When the actual Social Security disability hearing starts it is typical for the ALJ and your disability attorney to open up discussions about your case and potential issues that need to be addressed. After that, the administrative law judge will ask you to swear and start asking questions about your case. There is no need to be intimidated for most ALJ’s are fair and will hear your case with an open opinion. However, there are cases that the judge may seem to hold unfair decisions, but these are rare incidents. This is just a disability hearing and not Supreme Court case. Nevertheless, answering the questions honestly is still crucial, and try to remember the strategy developed by your disability attorney. After the hearing is over, the decision is rarely passed immediately. It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks after the hearing for the ALJ’s written decision to be released.

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