What Should I Expect During A Social Security Disability Hearing?

Where To Start

There are times when events can happen which can leave you no longer able to work. When a person is no longer able to work due to illness, physical or mental issues that prevent them from working they have the option of applying for Social Security disability. The first place to begin is to file a claim for disability benefits.

What To Expect During The Process

Once you have applied for Social Security disability benefits the next step is that you will be contacted for a telephone interview by a disability case worker. You can expect to be asked questions about the cause of your disability, your physician’s advice regarding your condition and a variety of other questions. After you have completed the questioning process the next step will be an appointment with an appointed physician for a physical to determine your condition. You should be prepared for it to take anywhere from six months to a year before a date is set for your determination hearing after your physical, this of course depends on the severity of your condition and the number or cases before yours’.

What To Expect During Your Hearing

When it comes time for your hearing you can expect a scenario similar to that of a courtroom, although there are several differences. The hearing is conducted by a Social Security disability judge who will ask you several questions as well as occupations specialist who have researched your case and offer statistics on your case and situation. Once all of the testimony has been taken into account it generally takes 30 days and sometimes more before you receive a decision in the mail.

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