What Is The Social Security Death Index?

Generally speaking, the Social Security death Index is a collaboration of the SSA’s master file index for death records. If the individual in question had a social security number, and a death record is on file for the person, they would be recorded in this master file. The individual would have had to have died after the year 1962 when these records began to be generated.

Millions Of Records Available

The Social Security Death Index literally has more than 84 million recorded deaths, births, and other vital information. This is an ideal place to start if one is looking to locate where a lost relative is from, when they were born and where, and when they died and from what. These records will also reveal dates of birth and parents recorded on their birth certificates. As long as the individual had a social security number, they will be found in these records.

Tips For Searching The Index

The records for those with ssa numbers are pretty clear. Although, the social security death index was first generated around the beginning of the 1900’s. The records for these years may be a little hazy, and finding a specific person may become a little more difficult. In order to get the most specific possibilities to your search, try a few simple tips. First, try switching the dates. Instead of 1964, try 1946. If this proves to be fruitless try a different spelling of the names. Sometimes omitting information can bring up the record sought out. Leave out the date of death or birth, or maybe just use a last name instead of both first and last name.

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