What Is Considered A Disability For Social Security?

Social Security was designed to protect individuals with disabilities. Such individuals can apply for and receive disability payments, providing they fit the criteria required.

What Kind Of Disability Is Covered Under Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability covers persons with disabilities, both physical and mental, provided such disabilities are deemed sufficiently incapacitating.

What Does Social Security Deem To Be A Sufficiently Incapacitating Disability?

For a disability to be sufficiently incapacitating to qualify under Social Security regulations such a disability should prevent an individual from working for at least a year. Or, should it remain possible for the individual to continue to work, albeit at a diminished capacity, he must not be able to earn a gross income beyond an amount specified by Social Security regulations as substantial gainful activity. SGA was set in 2011 at 900 dollars a month. However, the amount is subject to change.

Is It Enough For An Individual To State He Can No Longer Work Or Earn A Specific Amount?

For an illness or injury to qualify for Social Security benefits accrual such impairment must be accompanied by documentation.

What Sort Of Documentation Should Accompany A Social Security Claim?

For an individual to claim disability under Social Security he must show medical documentation of illness or injury. Such documentation must prove the claimant’s illness or injury to have lasted at least a year, or show medical proof of projected impairment due to such illness or injury lasting at least a year.

What If A Claimant Has Multiple Illnesses Or Injuries?

It is permissible to base a claim on multiple injuries or illnesses. As in all other cases, medical documentation must prove incapacitation such that the individual is barred from achieving gainful employment, or from earning above the SGA.

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