Is There A Time Limit On Social Security Disability Benefits?

The answer to the above question would be no, but while that sounds too easy, there are a number of prerequisites that one is supposed to have met. One of them is that one must have worked long enough and recently enough to qualify for some work credits. Every year, one can only earn utmost four work credits. Therefore, to earn the required number of a maximum 40 credits before one can start enjoying the social security benefits, they should have worked for at least ten years. To qualify for disability benefits, the number of work credits that you need depends on the age when one became disabled.

What Number Of Work Credits Has One Amassed?

However, disability is never voluntary and therefore no one wants to be disabled. Since it happens either through accidents or through impairments, then we may have little or no control over when disability occurs. That is the reason why there are no time limits on when one can get their social security disability benefits. As shown earlier, whether you get the social security disability benefits depends on when you became disabled, and your number of work credits. But this one is again narrowed down to the age at which one is disabled.

What Is The Age When One Became Disabled?

If disabled at 31 years of age or older than that, then one must have earned at least 20 credits in the 10 years immediately before the disability. This applies to all forms of disabilities except blindness. If one became disabled at between 24 and 31 years of age, then they need to have earned at least 12 points for the 6 years between 21 and 27 years. If disabled at 24 years of age, then one would be required to have 6 credits for the 3 working years immediately before their disability, that is, between the ages of 21 and 24 years.

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