Is the SSI payment for an eligible couple twice that of an individual?

Although a married couple receives a greater SSI payment benefit amount than single people do., the amount received by married couples is not double what a single person receive. The reasons are simple. Married couples typicallyshare expenses. The shared expenses reduces the amount each person has to pay for utilities. It is possible for a couple who lives together to get double the amount of funds, but this occurs only if the individuals are not married to each other. This particular causes many older couples not to get married later in life to reduce their benefits.

How Much Larger is the SSI Payment check for Married Couples?

Social security benefits vary from year to year. The retirement and disability benefits and individual gets has remained constant for the past two years, as have the SSI benefits. In general, the higher a SSI benefit’s other areas of income, the lower his SSI checks will be. Even though married couples share expenses, the increased SSI amount for married couples will not cover much. SSI checks typically do not cover many of a person’s expenses

Can I Get The Higher Single SSI Payment Rate?

As tempting as it is to split up to increase social security benefits, the Social Security Administration takes a dim view of people who choose this course of action. Criminal actions can be filed against married couples who file singly. Couples who choose to remains single to keep increased benefits suffer no adverse legal consequences. If a beneficiary has any questions about how marriage he will affect him or what he can or cannot do, the social security website’s frequently asked question page will answer many of these questions. A person can get these questions answered over the phone if he so chooses. Federal employees take a dim view of people asking these questions in person.

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