I Have Never Worked But My Spouse Has. What Will My Benefits Be?

If you have never worked but your spouse has you may be wondering if you can receive benefits based on your spouses benefits. You can, in fact, receive benefits based on what your spouse has earned. You are entitled to as much as half of the benefits that your spouse has earned.

How Do I Receive These Benefits?

You can receive these benefits as soon as you reach full retirement age but your spouse must file for his social security before you can begin receiving social security benefits. If you begin to receive benefits before you reach full retirement age then your amount will be permanently reduced. If You are taking care of a child who is under sixteen years of age and is receiving social security benefits then you will receive full benefits even if you are not at full retirement age.

In What Cases Would I Need To Receive These Benefits?

You would want to claim these benefits when you reach retirement age. If you have not reached retirement age but you need the benefits you can request the benefits if your spouse has passed away and has paid the social security system. In this case you would need the money due to your inexperience in work.

How Is The Reduced Amount Calculated?

If you apply for benefits and you are not at full retirement age your benefits will be decreased by about thirty percent. You can find the exact information at social security online. If you can wait until full retirement age you will receive full benefits from the social security administration.


You will definitely be able to receive benefits based on your spouses earnings. You must decide if you need the benefits now or if it would benefit you to wait until you are at full retirement age.

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