How Will Social Security Benefit Me?

Many people are nearing the age of retirement and have not even considered the benefits that await them once they retire. Social Security benefits associated with this program have helped millions of people, with their medical bills and with their prescription medication. It also pays for hospital bills as well. The difference between receiving help with the medical bills and the prescription medication is Medicare and Medicaid, and of course, Social Security disability and SSI.


If you fall into the category of individuals who are disabled, social security can help with past due hospital and doctor bills, that are more than 30 days old. This is a state run program which disabled individuals are entitled to, if they prove their claim of being unable to work. In some cases, a person can have mental issues and other health related issues that will cause them to be unemployable.


However, a person can work part time or full time and still receive benefits. This really depends on the individual. If you receive this benefit or income and later decide to go back to work, chances are you may still be entitled to a full year of Social Security benefits, before losing any benefits or pay. No one knows for sure what kind of benefits they are entitled to until he or she actually apply and gets approval. With most disability recipients, insurance benefits are the most precious.

If a person is eligible to receive Social Security benefits, they will surely receive one of these insurance benefits or both in some cases. However, Medicare is not only for the poor, it is for anyone. Medicaid on the other hand, is a program that is mainly for individuals whose incomes fall within the poverty level. A person has to be almost broke with no source of income in order to receive Medicaid. On the other hand, Medicare works in reverse.

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