How is Social Security protecting Social Security numbers?

Decades ago, the world was a safe place and no one knew of the existence of identity theft. Well, at least it wasn’t as widely spread. Fast tract to 2011 and the world as was known then is a totally different place. There are all devices and tricks used to crack information and hack into personal information stored on hard drives. It is quite in order to worry about the safety of your social security number, seeing as its exposure to the wrong person can lead to loss of finances. Some of the security measures the Social Security Office has taken to keep your number safe include:

Removable of the social security numbers from drivers’ licenses

The norm has been for the social security numbers to be displayed on one’s driving license. Since the Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act was passed in 2004, the Social Security Administration has ordered every local Social Security Office to remove security numbers from all drivers’ licenses. For someone with bad intentions, it is very easy to steal one’s social security number from their driver’s license without their knowledge. It’s a good thing this practice was changed.

Omitting the number from all Social Security communication

This includes mail and emails. Social Security Administration no longer includes the social security numbers on any traceable form of communication. Even when receiving letters from your local Social Security Office, your number will not be indicated.

Minimizing the number of times one can file for replacement

In the past, you could simply apply for a replacement whenever you lost your social security card. Today though, there is a limit to the number of times you can replace your card, whether applying through your local Social Security Office or online. This eliminates chances of someone ‘faking’ your identity and applying for a card which they can use to swindle you or commit crimes.

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