How Is My Social Security Eligibility Determined?

Social security eligibility is the right to be receiving money from the social security funds kitty but which can be exercised after fulfilling a certain set of appropriate conditions. These conditions include but not limited to; age, children or spouse of a deceased member of the society, disabilities. The most important factor is that you or the spouse must have worked in a social security covered job for at least ten years.

Age Of The Beneficiary

The age of the beneficiary is the primary measure or rule by which one can be gauged to be a real beneficiary. There are several age brackets that are set out to determine social security eligibility. But for most individuals you need to be 62 years with at least 40 credits earned while you had not attained the retirement age. According to the standards set in the year 2010, each credit is earned for every $1,120 that you earn and you can only earn four credits per year.

Spouse Of Worker

This caters for where there was a divorce or separation or even if you were never married legally but you have stayed with the other spouse for ten years or more, you are entitled to enjoy a share of his retirement benefits. Note that the ex-spouse is required to have attained the full retirement age of 62 years.

Disability And Eligibility To Social Security

Disability can give you an outright eligibility to social security. Albeit, the funds that you will be entitled to get monthly shall commensurate to your contributions to the social security fund while you were still fit. For example , if you get disability at the age of 41,you will need to be having 40 social security credits and if you are between 24-31 years you must have earned 12 credits six years prior to your disability. An exception to this rule is a case where you go blind. In such a case, your social eligibility is guaranteed no matter the number of credits that you have amassed prior to the blindness.

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