How does Social Security decide If I Am Disabled?

The first thing that the Social Security people will do to find out whether a person is disabled is to find out about the person’s work past so that they can ascertain that indeed the person concerned is disabled. According to the rules of the social security, one is not disabled until they cannot work or deliver their duties accordingly. In addition, it must also be that one cannot adjust to any other work. That is how they decide that really, one cannot work. It is also very important that they look at information about your background; education and training to see whether you can be able to do any other kind of work.

Can One Fit Into Another Job?

As well as requiring a job description from the people concerned the Social Security must ensure beyond reasonable doubt that indeed, all your ability to work has been cut. If there is a medical condition that has prevailed until one cannot work anymore, they must make sure that it has affected one’s ability to function normally as they used to. This means that they assess the ability to sit, stand, see hear, speak and understand general work instructions. An impairment that causes one a disability where they cannot stretch and reach for objects and where one cannot be able to remember or understand instructions at work is deemed as a disability.

The Education Background, Experience And Skill

It is the duty of the claimant to produce all the information required to show that they are disabled. Failure to that, Social Security just denies one their claim. Another factor that they bear in mind is the age of the claimant. If one is under 50 years of age, they are considered young and every channel will be explored, to make sure that with their education, skill or experienced that they can fit in any other job in the national economy.

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