How does Social Security decide If I Am Disabled?

Medical Records

One of the things that Social Security looks at to decide if someone is elligible for Social Security or not is medical records. Medical records are used to establish several things. For example, what the disability is, when the disability was diagnosed and if or when it has become better or worse over time.

Education History

The person’s education history and background, meaning if they have a specific area of interest when it comes to education and employment, can also be used in determining if the person may be considered disabled by the standards and requirements of the Social Security Administration. If the person’s grades seem poor it could have something to do with either a physical disability or a learning disability or a combination of the two together.

Work History

Finally, a person’s work history can be looked at and the Social Security administration can ask the applicant to fill out a release form to speak with those employers to discuss their working experiences. Some of the questions that might be asked are, how well they did on the job and how often they were either late to work or missed work all together and whether or not they remembered to call in and gave enough notice of the absence.

The applicant’s work history as well as their education history could also be vital in that it might help the Social Security Administration get the applicant into some sort of work program through organizations like the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation or other agencies available in their local area, to help them to either learn or advance their knowledge of a specific skill or technique.

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