How Do I Report Social Security Fraud?

There are people out there that are living with a legally recognized disability. For these people, maintaining a standard of living may be difficult. That is why Social Security disability benefits have been established to help these kinds of people. Because of Social Security benefits, these people can collect money from Social Security to supplement their income to buy groceries; pay bills and for other financial needs. However, the entire system suffers if there are people who are collecting disability benefits under fraudulent actions.

Social Security Benefit Fraud

What is Social Security fraud exactly? Social Security fraud happens when a person is trying to get social security benefits without or falsifying the disability. Social Security fraud also covers a number of different activities such as providing false date, information or using an illegally acquired Social Security number. The reason why most fraudulent person does this is the lure of easy and free money.

Caution Before Reporting

It cannot be stressed enough that before you report a person or an organization you think is collecting Social Security fraud is to make sure that they are really doing fraudulent activities. A person may perfectly look healthy, but he could be suffering from a legally recognized disability that is not visible to your eyes. Reporting such claims to the Social Security administration could end up with a possible fine.

Reporting Actual Social Security Benefit Fraud

Reporting to confirm Social Security benefit fraud is relatively easy. The SSA has set up a working toll-free hotline to facilitate such reports. When reporting a fraud it is important that you provide specific information. Be aware when reporting fraudulent cases, the SSA will ask you to provide other information such as mailing address, date of birth or the kind of fraud that a person is engaging to name a few.

4 Responses to “How Do I Report Social Security Fraud?”

  1. Paul Hartey says:

    Hi my name is pau hartey as i hav told you above and i want to report social security fraud. My neighbour upstairs Amanda Williamson who resides at 14 eynort street has been defrauding social security for about two months that i know of. Her partner George is staying with her illegally and her friend fiona is staying with her also with her partner and son. they are defrauding the social security by getting housing benefit (amanda Williamson )is anyway but she has her partner staying with her who works in the postal sorting office on hawthorn street glasgow. her friends are defrauding the social security by not telling you that they are still currently residing at 14 Eynort street, Lambhill Glasgow Their names are Fiona and Martin Mckintosh but idont know the sons name.

  2. david says:

    my sister in law is colleting her sons check (jermey johnston)which is now living with his grandmother in chicago il,60609 and the mother dorothy green is living in south bend indiana she has gave her children away to the grandmother cause she can not handle them any more but refuse to sign over his check she keep it for drugs and she needs to be punsihed cause that is so worng for her to do that to her kids and put that burned on my mother in law they r even in school in chicago,il.

  3. david says:

    she stills gets foodstamps and his ssi. check for the state of indiana and it needs to be put a stop to that she dd not send her kids with no clothes she told them kids they had to leave cause C.P.S was going to take them away my mother hs to buy all there needs

  4. kumar says:

    Hi.i am kumar from puertorico have met one friend of 31 years old has been collecting for disability of fibromyelgia, tunnel vision and generalized weakness from Systemic Lupus Erythamatous. But since i met her almost period of one year she has been driving her SUV even in the night time with tunnel vision, so many time i went with her out side in sun haven’t seen any butter fly or other skin reaction as seen in pt.with SLE.!! Every morning used to visit her haven seen her in the bed having fibromyelgia pain.!! Also she has lots of spare medication prescribed by doctor she not using them if she doesn’t have any complain..she use to work in hospital have lots of drs friends. some time she has been using some kind of drug make her dizzy diaphoretic with palpitation . I guess its procanamide induce lupus..