How Do I Replace My Social Security Card?

If you live in the United States, more than likely you have been issued a social security card. A social security card is very important, and it is needed for more than tax purposes. Social Security cards also serves as identification for each citizen of the United States. All these cards come in a series of 9 digits which are used to identify each citizen of the United States. Also, these cards can produce many benefits when you retire or if you have to apply for disability because of an injury that is preventing your from working.

The First Initial Step After Losing Your Social Security Card

The moment you realized you have lost your social security card, you should go to the SSA website to download a form SS-5. After you fill out this form, you will go to the nearest Social Security Card office in your city to turn in this form. If you are not sure where the Social Security Card office is you can refer to the website to determine the closest office in your area. When you submit your form for your lost Social Security Card, the office will require you to present your identification to prove you are the owner of that particular social security card.

What Type of Identification Is Needed to File For a Lost Social Security Card

When you submit your form for a lost social security card, you must be able to prove this is your card, and you are a citizen. You will prove to the SSA office you are a citizen by providing a copy of your birth certificate, a passport, or a certificate of naturalization. Once it is established you are the owner of the social security card, your new card will be mailed to you. Normally, it will take you a few weeks to receive your new card. For future references, you should know the SSA is only replaces your card three times every 10 years or only 10 times in a life time. Therefore, you should keep your card in a safe protected place to prevent from losing it.

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