How Do I Replace My Social Security Card?

A social security card is a small document which gives all American citizens their social security number. Since this is a required piece of information to start a new job and apply for other forms of identification, having it handy is quite important. If you happen to need a new one, there are ways that you can get one from the government.

Gather Required Information

If you have lost your social security card and need to have it replaced, the first thing that you will need to do is gather all of the required information. Since the card has very secure information on it, you will need to provide other forms of identification to get a new one. This could include your driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate. If you are getting a new one because of a change to your name, you will need to provide the paperwork which legitimized the name change.

Head to the Office

When you have lost your social security card, or need a new one issued, you will need to head to the social security office to get a new one. The government has an office in many cities located across the country. However, if you are far away from one of these offices and do not have the capability to get to one, you could mail in all of your information instead.

Store Properly

After you have received your new social security card, which could take several weeks after submitting your paperwork, be sure to store your card properly. Since your number is important and could be used against you if it gets into the wrong hands, you will want to keep it in a secure location and not in your wallet or purse.

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