How Do I Get A Social Security Number?

Before people ask, “How do I get a social security number?”, they must be eligible to complete this action. Those who are capable of applying for new social security numbers are citizens of the United States or those who are legally in the country with permission to work here, can prove their age and can prove they are who they say they are. All of these points will need to be proven with documentation.

Acceptable Documentation For Social Security Numbers

How do I get a social security number? For those who are United States Citizens, they will need to present to the social security staff their birth certificates, a passport, a United States Consular report of birth, or a certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship. Immigrants have three choices for showing they are legally authorized to work in the country; they are Form I-551, the form I-94 (they will be required to present their passport from their country of origin with this option) or their green card. The birth certificate or passport can also be used as proof of age.

How To Prove One’s Identity

The documents that social security takes for proof of identity are a driver’s license, an identification card from the person’s home state or a passport issued by the United States. Without these documents, people can present identification cards from other entities such as their schools or the military, adoption decrees, a health insurance card that is not a Medicare card or a life insurance policy.

How Do I Get A Social Security Number?

Now that everything has been proven, “How do I get a social security number?” Once people have gathered the correct documentation, they are ready to fill out the application, the form SS-5. This entire process does not cost anything for anyone who enters into it.

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