How Do I Get A Social Security Number?

Obtaining a new social security number means access to employment, fiscal and government services and opportunities. It is nearly impossible to exist in the U.S without one.

When Does One Acquire A Social Security Number?

With proper documentation anyone can acquire a no-cost Social Security Number at any age. Parents can apply for a number for their child at the same time that they apply for their new baby’s birth certificate.

Where Does One Go?

Anyone can apply for a Social Security Number at their local Social Security Office.

What Should One Bring?

Every applicant needs a completed Government Form SS-5, the Application for a Social Security Number/Card, which is readily available at any S.S office or at SSA.Gov

Documents furnishing proof of U.S citizenship, or legal immigration status, as well as identity, are required. In the cases of citizens possessing an original birth certificate or current passport, either one furnishes proof of identity and citizenship.

Other acceptable documentation of citizenship would be a U.S consular report of birth, a certificate of naturalization, or a certificate of citizenship. Acceptable forms of identification, not including an applicant’s birth certificate or passport, would be a driver’s license, government issued state ID., employee ID., U.S military ID., a health insurance card, not Medicare’s, a School ID., a marriage document, an adoption decree, or life insurance policy.

For immigrants, a form I-555, given along with an immigrant’s visa and unexpired passport is acceptable, as is a I-94 government form, offered along with an unexpired passport, or a work permit card issued from the Department of Homeland Security.

All documentation must be original, or certified by the agency issuing them. Photocopies and notarized copies are unacceptable.

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