How Do I Find My Local Social Security Office?

Locating your local Social Security Office can be done on-line and/or by using your telephone. There are web-sites available to obtain this information and a 1-800 number. Offices can be found in Canada, and other international areas.

Locating your Social Security Office in the U.S. on-line using your Zip Code

To find your local Social Security Office on-line the best site is All you have to do is put in your Zip Code, and the site will display where your local Security Office is. An example would be if you lived in Jenkinsburgh, Georgia, and entered your Zip Code of 30234, you would then discover that your local office Social Security Office is in Griffin, Georgia. All pertinent information is displayed including phone numbers.

Using the regional map of Social Security locations

If you utilize the regional map which is on-line you click a region, and you receive information on that region. If you choose Atlanta, Georgia, you will find information on Social Security Region Number Four.

Locating your Social Security office if you are deaf or hard of hearing

You can use your phone book or go on-line and the information for the TTY number is listed on You can call the current number 1-800-325-0078 on Monday through Friday from 7a.m. to 7p.m.

Services for individuals who live around the world

On-line is a section entitled Social Security Operations. This page shows offices all over the world. If you press on Australia, you will acquire all the information you need to find a Social Security Office. This page also displays two addresses to contact if the country you live in is not listed.

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