How Do I Apply For Social Security Disability?

A person who is injured or sick beyond the capacity to work may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. The bad news is that it can be incredibly tough to get hold of that money. The government does not want to be defrauded by an illegitimate or marginal claim, and it is presently under pressure to cut corners and save money. Also burdened by debt, many state governments are also evading expenses. The responsibility of the applicant is to prove disability; the handicap must seriously impede workplace performance.

Make Your Claim

The first step is to approach an agency that deals with disability. In many areas, this is called Vocational Rehabilitation. In order to receive their services, the applicant must prove disability, very often by seeing a specialist, such as a doctor or a psychologist. A person missing a leg or arm has visible evidence of a handicap, but this alone will not win Social Security Disability benefits. The harm must be confirmed by a certified physician. Mental damage qualify as a disability, but it can be difficult to win these cases.

Now You have to Fight It

A person who can verify a disability will first be sent through a training and placement program, in the attempt to find them work. A person applying for Social Security Disability might be forced to move through this process for years before a permanent disability can be proven. If the office is willing to back the claim, then they will endorse the application, and may arrange for a lawyer if the application and its appeal is turned down. Court battles are frequent, and it ultimately boils down to saving money, especially since some people do commit fraud.

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