How Are Social Security Disability And SSI Disability Different?

Social Security Disability and SSI Disability are two completely different programs. Hopefully this information will help clear up for you how Social Security Disabilty And SSI Disabilty Different?


To Qualify For Social Security Disability You Have Had To Have “Paid Into The System” Meaning That You Have To Work For So Many Years Before You Can Claim On Your Social Security Disability And Your Dependents Can Claim On It As Well. Also, the monthly amount you get from Social Security Disability is higher than the amount for SSI Disability. If you are eligible for Social Security Disability, you are eligible for Medicare Insurance after 2 years of being on the program.

SSI Disability

For SSI Disability, There Are Different Requirements. When you are on SSI for your disability, your monthly payments are lower than if you were on Social Security Disability and you are automatically eligible for Medicaid Insurance not Medicare. If you are able to, you may still work a certain number of hours a month and still get a small amount of SSI. SSI, is a program that is based on your disability that pays monthly payments to adults as well as children who are either blind or disabled, as well as to individuals who are over the age of 65. The standard amount of money for SSI disability is $674.00 per month and this amount will go down if you are working. The way that it works is that for every two dollars earned on a job the Social Security Administration will take one dollar out of your check.

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