Does Social Security cover retirees only?

It is very important to get to know whether social security covers retirees only. A great amount of people do not know that social security does cover for other people as well. For instance, if you become disabled, the social security can cover you. In the event that you pass away, if you have worked enough to qualify for retirement benefits, your children and spouse can receive social security survivor benefits. Therefore, social security covers retirees as well as other things, such as disability.

Who Does Social Security Cover?

If you divorce your husband, you can collect on his social security benefits if you meet some requirements. Social security covers many people, even an adult child if they become disabled before twenty two, they can be covered by their parents social security. For women who do not work, they are eligible for social security under their husbands work. They too can be covered should they become disabled. The social security covers retirees, spouses and children of the deceased and disabled persons.

A Worker’s Social Security Fund

A percentage of every workers salary is placed in a worker’s fund and this fund collects interest, therefore, this money is usually set aside for when the worker retiree’s and they can receive the social security benefits. However, as mentioned above, in the event of death or disability of the worker, the social security can cover for the worker or the workers child or spouse. A worker, therefore, does not have to worry, should they become disabled, as all the money that they have been working on, and saving will be of great help when they need to be covered for expenses they may take on when not working.

Benefits Of Social Security

The social security will cover the retiree’s, but it is not only a retirement program as many Americans think. Social security can be available at any age, and the program is more beneficial to children than any other program in the US government program.

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