Can My Social Security Benefits Stop?

For millions of people across the country social security benefits are their only source of income. For most people, social security is a guaranteed source of income which should be available for life. However, there are several situations when you social security benefits could stop.


For most people, the primary situation when social security benefits can stop is upon their death. Social security is a benefit which is intended to provide a guaranteed source of income for your entire life. However, depending on your situation, the benefits will stop immediately after your death. There are some situations when your children, spouse, or other dependents could continue to receive your benefits after your death.

Income Situation Improves

Another situation when you could see your social security benefits stopped is if your income situation improves. Some people are on disability because they cannot physically or mentally work a normal job and earn an income. However, if you fall into one of these categories and suddenly begin earning an income, you could see your social security cut off. Generally speaking, the government will cut off the benefit if your income increases to $1,000 or more per month. However, this varies based on your situation.

Disability Improvement

The third situation when you could see your social security benefits stopped is if your disability improves. While the benefit is largely used by the elderly, it is also available for the disabled. Every year or so the government will review your disability claim to see if you are still physically incapable of working a job. If it is decided that you are capable of working a job, you may lose your disability benefits which will include the social security payouts each month.

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