Can I Receive Social Security Income And Social Security Disability?

If you are 62 or older, you can apply for Social Security benefits. Most people will want to wait until they are at least 66 to receive the full amount of the benefit. But for the person who has a disability that might not be an option. They need the money to live on because they are disabled. They can also apply for disability while they are taking Social Security because it often takes a long time to be approved. Once they qualify for disability they will stop taking Social Security and take the disability benefits. The disability benefits will be more money then the Social Security.

If You Are Receiving Workman’s Compensation Benefits, You May Be Able To Get Social Security Benefits

If you are receiving some type of Workman’s Compensation benefit, Social Security will still be available for you to use. You will get the Workman’s Compensation amount and Social Security will give you a percentage of the amount you would normally receive. In other words, you still receive the same amount but part of it comes from Social Security and the rest from Workman’s Compensation. When the person reaches full retirement age all Workman’s Compensation benefits stop.

People Who Get SSI Benefits Will Often Get Social Security Benefits Also

If you qualify for SSI, you may be happy to know that you often can qualify for Social Security benefits at the same time. But the benefits together can not be greater then the SSI would be. A little confusing, but important to know. People who are on SSI should check with the Social Security office to see if it is better to stay with the SSI or add the Social Security benefit.

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