Can I Receive Social Security And Unemployment At The Same Time?

If you are currently receiving social security benefits and want to receive unemployment benefits you may be wondering if this is even possible. Unemployment benefits are not counted under the total annual earnings test and do not affect your receipt of unemployment benefits.

Is The Amount Of Unemployment Benefits Decreased Because of Social Security Benefits?

The amount of unemployment benefits is decreased by the amount of your social security benefits. If you are receiving a pension or social security then your unemployment benefits may be decreased because of the amount of social security that you receive.

How To Find Out How Much Of A Reduction There Will Be

You can contact your local unemployment office to see how they handle this situation. They can tell you how much the reduction will be and why this happens. The following link will help you find contact information for your local office.

Are There Some States That Do Not Allow You To Collect Both Social Security Disability and Unemployment Benefits?:
Most states but not all states in the United States allow you to collect both. You can contact your local government agencies and they can answer any questions you may have about specific states.


You can legally collect both Social Security Disability and Unemployment benefits at the same time. However, your amount of benefits may decrease based on the amount of Social Security Disability that you receive. This is because there is a tiered basis that these agencies work with to determine how much money that you need to have for each month. Your income can not exceed your cost of living. You can also look up the cost of living for your family size online or contact your local government agencies and they can give you this information.

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