Can I Opt Out Of Social Security?

What Is Social Security?

Social Security is the government program that is used as a safety net for those who are retired. It is something that has been around since the Great Depression, and it is a wildly popular program for those who are on it. However, those who are paying into the system are often not as happy with the program at all. They see Social Security as something they have to pay into, but something that does nothing for them. This belief is only true in the near term, but we can all be accused of being short sighted when it comes to money from time to time.

Can I Opt Out Of This Program?

It is actually not possible to opt out of the Social Security program currently. If you are a worker receiving a paycheck, the Social Security money is automatically taken out of your paycheck each week. That money is then stored with the government until you reach the age where you can receive benefits. The more you put into the system, the larger your benefits can be. However, there are many who would like to opt out of this program and just keep the money for themselves.

Why Can’t I Opt Out?

You are primarily not allowed to opt out of the program because of the concern that you will not save enough for retirement. It is a legitimate concern. Prior to Social Security being established, a much higher percentage of people died in poverty as senior citizens. After Social Security came into play, this was no longer the problem that it once was. That along with plenty of studies showing that we do not save enough money for ourselves as a whole are two of the primary reasons you are not allowed to opt out of this program.

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