Can I Collect My Ex-Husband’s Social Security If He Has Not Remarried?

Divorcing a spouse is not easy, and it is always good to know that you will not come out of it empty-handed. If you have been divorced, and you seek to collect on your ex-husbands social security, you can do so. You can still collect your ex-husband’s social security if has not remarried. A great number of women who get divorced do not seek to find out whether they can collect on their ex-husband’s social security benefits, yet they should do so. Women will get higher benefits based on their ex-husbands work.

Requirements Needed To Get Your Ex-Husbands Social Security

There are many requirements that a one will need to meet when they need to find out whether they can collect their ex-husband’s social security. For one, the marriage needs to have lasted ten years or longer for the benefits to be collected. Furthermore, as the ex-wife, you can only get the benefits if you are unmarried and sixty-two years or older. The benefits that you will be receiving based on your own work needs to be less than the benefits that you will be receiving for your ex-husband’s work. Lastly, your ex-husband needs to be entitled to disability benefits or social security benefits. If your ex-husband has not applied for any benefits, but he is eligible for them, then you can receive benefits for his work if you have been divorced for from him for at least two years.


After meeting all the requirement criteria, you need to apply for the divorced spouse’s benefits in order to receive your ex-husband’s social security benefits. In summary, your ex-husband does not have to be remarried for you to receive his social security benefits, however, as the ex-wife, if you are remarried, then you cannot receive his benefits.

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