Am I Better Off With my Benefits Or My Spouse’s For Social Security?

Social security benefits for spouse’s are a little complicated than for single people that are straighter forward. But it should be noted also that married people do have more options to pick from unlike single people who have very limited options when it comes to social security benefits. Most working people will often wonder if it is better to accumulate social security as one person or should they collect the benefits as a married couple? Well there are many related benefits of collecting social security benefits as a spouse as listed below.

Benefits Of Having A Spouse Social Security

Social security benefits that are based on spouse agreement can be calculated to know if it is better to earn as a single person or not. This is done so as to know which method will earn the highest yields. For example, should one spouse be earning more money over their careers, the total benefit is divided by two so as to get the total benefit earning of the least earning spouse. The amount is then added to the more earning spouse earning more so as to get their combined benefits. This amount should be compared to each individual spouse earning.

Married couples can also benefit in areas where the single can not. E.g. should the husband be earning more benefits than his wife, she can start to collect the benefits entitled to her through his benefits records before he retires. After he retires, the wife has the privilege of collect her benefit share and the husband can leave his share to accumulate more before he collects.

Both ways have their benefits but should one be married, it would be better not to go with the option of their own benefit as a spouse benefit could one day come in handy just like in the second example.

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